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Meet your new                                   
against disease and odor.

Let us help eliminate your worry about disease and odor.  Permanently.

CLEANTheory treating a cultivation facility
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How it Works

Disease control was never a profit center.  Until now.

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Discover the CLEANBarrier 


Facility-installed, 3-phase pathogen and odor control system that delivers exceptional results every day

How it works
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Hard, non-porous surfaces are breeding grounds for disease. Daily treatment with an EPA-registered sanitizer is the gold standard for GMP facilities.

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Eliminate odor causing compounds “at source,” not just trapping.  Reduces olfactory sensitization and improves AQ and working conditions for staff.

Eradicate waterborne disease and flow-reducing biofilm and keep it maintenance free.  Plant quality thrives with truly clean water while teams are unburdened from fertigation issues.

Grow house with surfaces, water and air cleaned
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The Platform

The CLEANBarrier in Action

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CLEANTheory system install image 3




EPA-registered (#73139-1), no-rinse liquid sanitizer for daily use on hard non-porous surfaces (floors, walls, tables)




PATHox is direct-injected into fertigation system to disinfect and eliminate biofilm and pathogens




Separately labelled, controlled-release deodorizing gas for daily control of odor-causing compounds & certain VOCs

Why CLEANTheory

Why CLEANTheory

Put our expertise to work.  Get more out of your resources than ever before.

Small plant sprouting from dirt

Enhanced Plant Quality

Consistently reduce pathogens to near non-detect and watch plants THRIVE.

When your grow space becomes inhospitable to pathogens, plant health can be optimized.  Enjoy visible quality improvements, increased yields, and improved chem profiles.      

Safe and Easy to Use

Custom platform design and a unique chemistry means safer and more efficient working conditions for staff 

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Safe for plants, people, and building materials (see label for details) 

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Eliminate staff exposure to long-term, unhealthy levels of mold, mildew 

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Fewer work-related injuries/illness means increased productivity 

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Using an EPA-registered, high-efficacy "no-rinse sanitizer" reduces need for harsh chemicals

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No "tag out" and non skin-sensitizing formula means more comfortable work environment for staff

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Full system automation reduces best practices/GMP sanitation labor by up to 95% 

Example graph showing percentage
Grow room being treated with chemicals
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High ROI

Using CLEANTheory every day typically results in net new profits within the first use cycle

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Increased yields

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Higher water quality: control pathogens/biofilm

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Pass more microbial tests w/o remediation

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Higher total TAC
(if medicinals) 

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Greater inventory control

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More efficient labor for hygiene best practices

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Higher throughput to market

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Lower overall operational risk

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