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The New Standard in CLEANCultivation

A Healthier Facility for Plants and People Alike Means A Strong Foundation for Operational Success

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Let us Supercharge Your Facility Environment and Take Your Operation to a New High

We help cultivators deliver clean &  compliant products to customers, maintain healthier facilities for staff, and jumpstart accelerating the bottom line.

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Defense has a new name: CLEANBarrier


The only way a facility can reach its true potential is to create a grow environment inhospitable for disease to proliferate. By simultaneously treating surfaces, water, and air, means your grow is now primed for the highest quality potential and even higher profits. 

Premier Pathogen Science for Indoor Ag

Disease control isn't "one size fits all."  Your facility is unique and so is how to effectively fight pathogens for indoor agriculture.  We've got the decades of expertise, science chops, and leading technology to get the job done.  

Benefits You and Your Customers Can See

Increases in yield and visible plant quality typically manifest only after reducing disease pressure on both surfaces and in fertigation water.  Also, avoiding unnecessary and often harsh post-harvest  remediation means you gain more control of your product catalog by avoiding unplanned losses.  Brand reputation builds when better products are in the marketplace. 

A Premier Partner 
Service Experience

We value our customers as long term partners, not just clients.  From monthly check-ins, to ongoing data analysis, to "what's new" updates, to periodic onsite visits, we're not satisfied unless you're growing worry-free and ROI is through the roof.

Unprecedented Effectiveness. Impeccable Reliability.

CLEANTheory enables cultivators to increase yields and profitability by reliably and consistently suppressing disease and odor in a manner that is safe and can be made virtually effortless through full automation. By the innovative combination of science, technology, analytics, and economics, our platform makes high-yield, low-disease growing the "new norm" for growers of any size.  Our team’s decades of experience working with economic modeling, biosecurity, technology, and risk management provided us unique insights into the challenge of indoor ag that led, ultimately, to our "aha" moment:  that safe, effective, affordable, and assured pathogen elimination is key to increasing yield, safeguarding positive brand value and maximizing profit and ROI.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Estimated cultivation sq ft treated in 2023 


Client Data Points Analyzed to Date 


CFU reduction potential in fertigation water treatment


Years Industry Experience
by Management Team 


Focused Mission:
Biosecurity as a Profit Center

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Are you ready to evolve your grow?

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