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This is CLEANTheory

Our mission is to enable cultivators to increase yields and profitability by reliably and consistently suppressing disease and odor in a manner that is safe and virtually effortless. 

Why? Because clean, compliant growing really matters. Plants thrive in an environment free of competition against disease.  Employee and consumer health is better safeguarded.  The quality of products reaching the customer increases.  A cleaner growing environment with higher quality products reaching the marketplace unlocks opportunity and equity for all.

What We Do
CLEANTheory Services

CLEANTheory Services

While our disease suppression services are most popular, we do a lot more to help you protect your grow and increase profits!


Disease Suppression

grow. truly. clean.

Eliminate the worry about disease once and for all with our facility-installed, always ready EPA-registered daily sanitization and disinfection platform.  No mixing, no diluting; grab 'n go!


Deodorization & OMP Plans

failure is not an option

Our integrated deodorization system controls unwanted odors that arise from high-VOC grow environments.  We have a 100% success rate for municipally-approved odor plans.

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Filter Optimization

change is good

Our subscription-based, concierge recurring delivery service provides high-performance filters designed for indoor agriculture. Ensures on-schedule filter replacement.  Healthy air, healthy plants.


Facility Sterilization

clean, guaranteed

For full or partial facility resets, after new construction or expansions, or in the event of any onsite contamination; if needed, we also have access to the only EPA-registered non-carcinogenic sterilant for porous and non-porous surfaces 

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CLEANTheory far outperforms every disease mitigation and monitoring program we've tried. Revenues increased by more than the total annual cost of the platform after only 90 days.  Labor effort for daily sanitization is less than ever and employee satisfaction is way up.  

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Unlock The True Value of Your Grow 


Additional Net Cost


Most clients realize profits in excess of annual platform fees within the first 6 to 9 months


Passed Microbial Tests


Our goal against yeast, mold, aspergillus, botrytis, mildews & other common pathogens


Odor Complaints


If your operation requires odor mitigation, our plans seek to eliminate the risk of violations
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How You Benefit With CLEANTheory

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Less Disease & Odor


Pass more microbial tests using facility-specific prescriptions; pass challenging low CFU-count thresholds

Reduce the likelihood of post-packaging mold and bacterial growth

Reduce labor effort and costs for daily sanitization and disinfection best practices

Avoid unwanted odor by direct elimination; doesn't rely upon masking


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Improved Quality and Safety


Create a "sanitization envelope" that improves conditions for plants, employees, and guests

Plants and target profiles thrive when disease doesn't outcompete for resources

Avoid common employee injuries associated with chemical mixing, dilution


No need to use remediation as a primary strategy against disease which harms product quality and does nothing to improve facility conditions for staff

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Higher Profits


Operations are streamlined through automation and enhanced workflow ergonomics


Yield increase by reducing loss to disease, improving plant health, and avoiding unnecessary remediation

Maintain control of product catalog by avoiding unplanned remediation

Reduce liabilities associated with product recalls and employee injury due to chemical handing

1-Individual results may vary; not all customers may realize all benefits discussed on this page

2-"Best practices industrial hygiene related labor effort" and its associated costs mean the labor and expense based on twice-daily sanitation of all "critical spaces" within a facility; these include all rooms with organic material, major connecting hallways between grow spaces, etc.


How CLEANTheory's Platform Works

The indoor cultivation industry's first modular, dual-phase disease and odor suppression platform custom designed and installed in your facility

Initial Assessment
Facility Review
The CLEANTheory team thoroughly reviews architectural blueprints, assesses current workflow patterns, analyzes historical disease data, measures baseline facility disease pressure, and develops an overall understanding of your unique situation. 

A custom platform for disease suppression is designed with two phases* for you to consider.

*Odor mitigation services can be either combined with disease suppression systems or installed separately

Manual vs Automation 
Choose Platform

Phase I (manual) lets you get off to a quick start by using our basic "Tank and Cart" system.  We've made it incredibly easy for your staff to clean and sanitize your facility with our "Grab and Go" technology- a proprietary, EPA-registered sanitizer is always ready- no mixing, no diluting, no waiting for activation.  Our auto-diluted, motorized cart and coarse spray system combine ease of application with unmatched efficacy. Our tech and system design reduce normal sanitation-related labor by up to 75%.           

When ready, migrate seamlessly to our Phase II Digital Immune System automated platform.  Daily sanitization of the most critical spaces in your facility is now automated.  Eliminate virtually 100% of disease-fighting labor along with the human error and staff injuries that commonly accompany sanitation activities.  


Suppress Disease and Odor
CLEANTheory’s platform features an EPA-registered broad-spectrum biocide that is effective against odor and microbiological contaminants commonly found in indoor agriculture- powdery mildew, botrytis, aspergillus, biofilms, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Most importantly, it won't harm plants or staff.

Our treatment prescription, based on a proprietary efficacy model, is custom designed and implemented within your facility.  Consistently pass more microbial testing and eliminate unwanted odor easier than ever before with CLEANTheory.   

Whether it's surface sanitation, fertigation dosing to reduce biofilm, odor suppression or HVAC/filtration optimization, we've got your
land, water, and air covered.
Continuous Airborne Disease Detection
Monitor & Alert
We deploy leading-edge IoT technologies in critical areas that monitor airborne disease pressure, identify pathogen species, validate treatment efficacy, measure other environmental factors, and observe overall system and facility health. If the system detects any unexpected increase in disease thresholds, automated alerts are sent to key personnel and CLEANTheoryOur team can provide additional measures, if needed, to help prevent outbreaks before they can damage crops or your bottom line. 

It's true Early Warning.
Analyze & Adjust As Necessary
Stay Clean

The CLEANTheory platform uses proprietary algorithms and other pre- and post-treatment factors, like filtration optimization, to ensure high disease and odor suppression efficacy while also validating environmental data for traceability, reporting, partner APIs, and other premium services. Treatments can also be adjusted to account for changing facility conditions, seasonality, room flips, facility expansion, regulatory changes and a myriad of other factors.

Our goal for each and every client remains the same... grow. truly. clean.

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We treat land, water, air:
Surfaces - Irrigation - Odor
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How CT Works
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