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Features & Benefits

Indoor cultivators, from coast to coast, in a variety of different growing regions and conditions, are seeing benefits like these from working with CLEANTheory: 

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A CLEANBarrier Means Full Facility Protection

Protecting against something you cannot see it tough.  We've got your surfaces, water, and air covered.  When optimized for plant and staff health, efficiency, product quality, and ROI all go up. 

High Speed

The CLEANTheory platform gets right to work.  Fertigation is freed from biofilm day one and most clients experience noticeable grow room results within the first grow cycle after installation. 

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Eliminates Needless Costs While Delivering a High ROI  

Recapture virtually all microbial testing-related crop losses, eliminate the cost of redundant chemicals, avoid employee injury, and increase product to market.

Product Quality Gains 
You Can See

Preventing disease instead of harsh post-harvest treatment (remediation) allows plants to reach their full potential. Visible color and yield increases are common as is increased TAC.

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Sanitation & Disinfection Was Never so Easy

Always on-demand: no mixing, no math, no  diluting, no waiting.  Water fertigation, and odor treatments are automated to reduce labor and human error.

A Pathogen Science Team on Your Side

From an EPA-registration, to decades of use in food ag, to municipal water treatment and other industries, our expertise means you can stop playing disease control whack-a-mole.

Sky High Staff Morale

Few failed tests, better product quality, and a healthier and cleaner facility leads to happier staff with less turnover and increased company loyalty

Airtight Security

To ensure you're always running smoothly, we remotely monitor our equipment and use  data.  We use leading encryption and provide push updates.

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365 Support

Plants don't take the weekend off and CLEANTheory is here to support your 24/7 operations.  Off-hour, weekend, and holiday support is extremely responsive.

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